db Chamber
This is a monthly newspaper that I have been creating since 1997. I do 90% of the ads and all the page layout. You can check out the current issue and view the archives here or you can download a pdf of a recent issue here.
This is a first Chamber of Commerce Directoy for Ava, Missouri. I did 99% of the ads, all of the layout, some photography and some editorial for this issue. I look forward to working on the project again in the coming years. Download a pdf here.
This is a Chamber Directory for Discovery Bay, California. I have been doing this guide for many years and am currently working on the 2009-2010 edition. You can download a pdf version of this here.

I have over 15 years experience with publication design. I enjoy working on larger projects like newspapers, newsletters, catalogs, directories, calendars and such. I can assist you in keeping projects like this flowing through the process to completion. In these projects I have done photo maninulation, page layout, advertisement design and print brokerage. Let me help make your projects go smoothly, on budget and on time.